Aromatherapy + Yoga = Dramatic Life Shift

How I left the corporate world and dove head first into natural healing

It all started with a trip to Whole Foods

I first fell in love with essential oils back in the 90s, while living in Tempe, AZ. 

When shopping at Whole Foods, I’d hang out in the wellness section and linger in the aisles; loving how everything smelled and trying whatever samples they had out.  

I always felt so at peace there.  The moment the scent would hit me, I felt total decompression from my day.  

At the time, I knew nothing about natural healing, but sensed there was something significant in that part of the store that just made me feel better.

One day, I was lingering longer than usual and one of the women who worked there recommended a natural healing book. It had a whole section on essential oil recipes.  

I bought my first set of oils and immediately started making my own lip balms, blends and salves.

At the time, my husband and I owned a franchise, worked all the time and were pretty stressed out.  

The stress definitely made me feel unwell, but the essential oils always made me feel better. 

No matter how crappy our day was, our home was a sanctuary. My neighbors would always comment about how lovely our home smelled (they could smell my concoctions when walking by).

At first, it was a hobby that I dabbled in mainly for myself and sometimes for gifts. 

Jana Rife, Owner- Atlanta Aromatherapy.  Certified therapeutic aromatherapist and yoga instructor.

Jana Rife, Owner- Atlanta Aromatherapy. Certified therapeutic aromatherapist and yoga instructor.

A Long road of challenges

Life gets busy. Let me re-phrase that: Life can get tough.

My husband and I sold our franchise and I went to work in retail for about 10 years.  

After that, right as the US economy was starting to crash in ‘07, I went to work for a huge corporation.


We were thankful for steady pay and benefits, especially when the economy really tanked, but like the frog in that pot of hot water, years went by and I suddenly found myself sick and stressed out again- but worse this time.  

The company I worked for was a nightmare. 

A place where I almost completely lost touch with myself.  

Ever felt that way??

Management ruled by fear and everyone showed up with their boxing gloves on.  

Most of my coworkers were actually wonderful people, but the environment was so cutthroat and ugly, it brought out the worst in us.

Everyday I drove home feeling hateful.

Looking back, I can’t believe I put up with any of it except that my husband and I were so grateful for the paychecks that helped put food on our table.

So, on one hand I felt thankful for that job and on the other hand, I couldn’t stand it.

When you’re in the thick of mess like that, it’s hard to remember what normal feels like.


The Shift- A Giant Leap of Faith

Sometimes the road leading to transformation is painful.

I started to deal with severe anxiety and depression (at the time I didn’t know it was all due to stress levels and hormone imbalances).  

I saw several doctors to get treatment for deep brain fog and meltdowns (which I later discovered were panic attacks), but the medication they recommended sounded awful.  

Some of them also recommended yoga, but I didn’t listen. I ran half-marathons and thought, “If workouts are supposed to help with stress, then I’m getting all I need. I’ll keep looking for a better answer.”

At the time, yoga was simply exercise to me- I didn’t realize the benefits.

My physical and mental state continued to decline, so I finally gave in and tried yoga.  

It was the last stop before hopping on the medication train.

I walked into my first yoga class feeling like I was going to throttle someone and walked out feeling completely at peace.

After experiencing yoga zen, there was no going back.

My anxiety greatly diminished with regular practice.  As I gained flexibility and strength (yoga even enhanced my running), I gained clarity and peace. I was hooked. 

I was still functioning in a job that made me unhappy, but felt much better. 

I even had the energy to dive back into essential oils.  

In 2012, I discovered some awesome soap recipes and just couldn’t stop creating new things.  My friends and family encouraged me to sell my bath products at local farmers markets, so Hanalei Bath was born.

At my first market, the set up was simple: 12 bars of soap, some bath fizzies and lip balms.

Almost everything sold out and it was like a bolt of lightning hit me.  I LOVE THIS.  

What if I could escape my negative job and do this instead?

I remember what my very first customer looked like. My heart was (and still is!) full of gratitude for his purchase.

However, I still couldn’t bring myself to leave my job, so I did Hanalei Bath as a side business.

Combining aromatherapy with yoga made a huge difference in my life! 

In fact, it was making me feel so much better that I took my essential oil knowledge to the next level.  I got an Aromatherapy Certification in October, 2013 (Heal Center of Atlanta).

In the Spring of 2014, I was approached by my yoga instructor about an upcoming intensive yoga training. 

It was a 9 month course.


Still dealing with a terrible work environment, I was torn because I felt overworked (and generally yucky), but didn’t want to lose the income. 

However, I was deeply passionate about yoga and felt my heart pulling me away from anything that made me unhappy.

I finally agreed, took the plunge and started the yoga program in August.  

By November, I walked out of that job that was making me sick.  

I’ll never forget that fantastic ride home!

I found my truth and couldn’t live one more minute outside of it.

By January 2015, I flew to Key West for SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga training (part of me was like, “Oh my gosh, is this really my life??”).

By April 2015, I completed 200 hours of yoga training and by May 2015, I launched Hanalei SUP Yoga.

By March 2016, I received my Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine.

From then on, I’ve taken non-stop courses in aromatic medicine, yoga, Thai bodywork and reiki.

These techniques and practices gave me my life back and more. 

My true calling was revealed- I’m supposed to help others with their journey to physical, mental and spiritual well being.  

I walked a long road of suffering and self-discovery and am excited to share what I’ve learned with you.


How I can Help You

I know what it’s like to have anger issues, stress that makes your whole body hurt, pain from injuries and brain fog so deep you feel you’ll never think right again.

Yoga and aromatherapy got me out of my negative bubble and showed me what life could look like without stress and constant strife. 

I regained my health, my spirit and my mind.  You can too.

You’ll benefit from a customized wellness program that incorporates a blend of therapeutic aromatherapy, yoga, reiki and Thai bodywork to treat a wide variety of mental and physical conditions.

Whatever is hurting or stressing you out, it can be addressed. 

You don’t have to live this way one more minute.


My Certifications

Aromatherapy Certification

October 3, 2013 (Heal Center Atlanta)

Diploma- Advanced Aromatic Medicine

March 2016 (ITHMA The Institute Of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, and the Heal Center Atlanta)

Additional Training

 TCM and essential oil acupoint massage for psychological conditions.

March 2016 (ITHMA The Institute Of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, and the Heal Center Atlanta)

Naturopathic- TCM Aromatic Medicine Series

Joint pain and anxiety essential oil research & integrated treatment studies

March 2017 (ITHMA The Institute Of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, and the Heal Center Atlanta)

Fusion Aromatherapy and Pain

(KiCoZo Knowledge Institute for Integrative & Complementary (Nursing) Care, and the Heal Center)

November 2018

Paddle Yoga

Paddle Yoga Certification and World Paddle Association Class I Instructor Certification 

January 2015

Paddle Yoga Certification and World Paddle Association Class II Instructor Certification 

April 2017

Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Freedom Journey Yoga 

Currently an E-RYT 200 in a 300 hour program

April 2015


First Degree Certification in Usui Reiki

Beacons of Change

Heal Center Atlanta

December 2018

Thai Bodywork

Traditional Thai Bodywork Certification

Heal Center Atlanta

December 2018







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